Refugees of Confederation – a powerful read.

I was fortunate to get my hands on an ARC of Refugees of Confederation by T. F. Pruden, scheduled for release on Feb 11/22. I am an avid reader, but there are perhaps only a dozen books on my laden shelves that I reread – this makes the list. Refugees of Confederation is Pruden’s sixth novel and should put him front and centre as one of Canada’s finest storytellers.

Refugees of Confederation, an unexpected masterpiece. Pruden demonstrates his craft as a storyteller weaving the narratives of an Indigenous family, rich in failings, in a rapidly changing world in Canada’s hinterlands from the 1940’s – 1980’s. 

As a writer of Metis descent Pruden highlights Canada’s shameful history and the impact to generations made unwelcome in their own home. A Canada that opened its arms to many while committing atrocities of its own ……stealing land, culture, language, children. 

A tale of a family broken by racism, violence, addictions, poverty and injustice. And amidst the wreckage we find hope, love, honour in their stories. Coming together to say farewell to a sister and celebrating family. He captures the ordinary greatness of each deftly wrought character with wry tenderness for generations to come 

And I weep as the narrator’s final words echo……

“We are them, and they are us. As you, most certainly, are me. And all the dreams that live in your imagination, at any time and in whatever place, be they good, bad, or indifferent, are ever possible. For not one thing is, nor can be, just as it seems. All that, and plenty more, is what this history of our people teaches.”

 Refugees of Confederation is a Canadian classic waiting to be discovered.

Peace & Happiness



October is almost upon us. The leaves are donning shades of russet, gold, and warm spice. They crunch beneath my feet and dance in autumn breezes.

The arrival of fall brings opportunities for me to visit schools and take part in Read In Week. Honestly I am happy to visit schools anytime I am invited so feel free to ask. Read In Week is a celebration of books, stories, and poems,. Students are encouraged to discover new books, to read for pleasure and some might even want to share their own stories.

Over the weekend I was at a book fair in Sherwood Park. Throughout the afternoon various authors spoke about writing and some even read excerpts from their books. I was transported into their stories, the demands of the world and social media forgotten. I was simply present, a listener to histories, mysteries, adventures, challenges and dreams. It was a precious gift and reminded me how important it can be to turn off all the distractions and choose to be present to a moment, a person or an experience.

Go find your favourite kid and read with them or make a pot of tea and curl up with the book you just haven’t gotten around to starting. Be transported and read.






Dusty Road / Camino Polvoriento

Feet trod for miles

on dusty roads strewn with


memories, dreams.

In the distance misty light

shrouds cactus covered mesas,

silhouettes, stories

enchant yet haunt.

For it is in the telling

We remember the lies

And know that we are the earth we trod.


Pies pisados por millas

en caminos polvorientos sembrados de


recuerdos, sueños.

En la distancia, brumosa luz

cubre cactus cubiertos mesas

siluetas, historias

encantar aún atormentar.

Porque está en el relato.

recordamos las mentiras

Y saber que somos la tierra que pisamos.


Monday Morning Musings 10

a piece in progress……


She sank into until

Sea stained, claw foot spilled

Mermaid dreamer, charm wooed

Salty wind, flesh cooled

Five thousand nights stolen

With her consent; broken

Shame’s remnants, her penance

Uncertainly she danced

With wily knaves, fish tails

Balanced justice’s scale

Divers to forever

Tattooed heart remembered

Flawed pearl, sands of time

From reverie she climbed

Mythic hopes, deceits drained

Ebb and flow rearranged.



Monday Morning Musings – 8

Out for a walk last week I discovered a place that brought a smile as I remembered….


Wandered upon whimsy

Moss, stones, tumbled chimney

Forgotten garden child

Flower strewn, laughter wild

Unabashed joy rises

Muddy footed, blue eyed

Wind beckoned, dreams chased

Memory’s breath, heart traced.

ls/ July 21 2019