Alas & Alack

The paperback proof of The Remembering a Wall arrived and I was thrilled. Upon closer examination I discovered a few minor issues that raised some concern. Now some of you might think I am being overly dramatic, suffer from perfectionism or am prone to hyperbole. And in some instances you would be right.

Here is some of the running commentary that took place in my head……

Yippee! (Happy dance & package opening)

Sigh (wonderous awe)

Hmmmmm (curious puzzlement)

I need to look at this in better light. (Sought out better light in every room in the house)

Why does it look so different from what’s on my computer? (Bewildered head shaking)

It looks like mud and not the fancy spa variety. ….. (Slight exaggeration)

Am I overreacting? (Sought out mirror to check out my red faced, teeth clenched visage)

Perhaps I am too picky. (Head nodding)

No I am not picky – it looks like mud. (Opened facial mud pack to compare shades)

Why? (Head in hands …..uncontrollable sobbing)

Help! (frantic email to layout designer)

This is why you always order a proof. It may seem overly cautious and time consuming, but you do it anyway. I foolishly ordered matte instead of gloss which results in darker tones looking flat and in some instances like mud. And I ordered it on the paperback and hardcover proofs.

Creating a mood with darker shades can result in an overabundance of moodiness…..not necessarily a selling feature for a children’s book. My mood had also darkened and I muttered about my foolishness.

The book can be altered and fixed, but alas more time is added to a process that has seemed fraught with hiccups, bumps and doubts. However we shall persevere and do what is required.

I am hoping that friends, fans and followers will be patient as we try this one more time. This experience has taught me so much. The self published author needs to have a thick skin, good connections, and a willingness to wear many hats as editor, critic, writer, and the person who handles the myriad other details that result in a book.

I would love to have a publisher doing all of this, but I have me. And me has decided that I want to have a book that I am proud of having written and also published.

Happy 2017 to everyone. It will be done I promise.

Peace & Happiness