One More Step

We received tremendous support from family, friends, fans and followers with our recent Kickstarter campaign. Thank you to all of you who pre-ordered copies of “Under My Bed” or sponsored an author reading or in-school visit from Sandra & I to share the story and talk about how it all came together.

The illustrations are now complete & a new phase of work starts with the team at Author House. Over the next week we will be working on layout of text and illustrations and making a myriad of other decisions to do with the book as well as discussing promotional ideas and publicity.  We also need to get our mug shots…..oops photos taken and both of us are camera shy.

Last week I sent Sandra a frantic text telling her I think we need one more illustration.  This was the day before we sent everything to Author House. I was reading the story aloud to three cats – Teddy aka Mr 6 Toes who was trying to sprawl on the illustrations, Jazz who kept  jumping on and off the bed and caterwauling and Amber who was pretending to listen attentively but i discovered was in fact catnapping with her eyes wide open. I got to the middle section and thought to myself that there were just too many words and we needed just a little something. Sandra in spite of her hectic schedule picked up pencil and paint brushes and managed to add just the right touch. Of course this meant many hours of her time. I cannot draw stick people and would not have this delightful tale without her so I thank her for loving this story and bringing it to life.

Will keep you posted about our progress and look forward to revealing what’s “Under My Bed”.

Take care.