Grade 3 Wisdom

Recently I had the opportunity to read “The Remembering Wall”, to some Grade 3 students at a local school. They enjoyed the book and shared some very thoughtful comments.

In a time of intolerance, divisiveness, violence and hate these students were wise beyond their years. They talked about the importance of being good role models and treating others with kindness, not excluding others and talking about problems instead of fighting.

They also talked about wanting opportunities to feel part of their community. They want to feel safe, to have places to play and meet others, to be active and to learn. They all voiced a desire for connection and to be allowed to help. They want a sense of purpose and to be able to contribute at home, school and in their neighbourhoods They want adults to support their ideas and efforts to make the world a better place. They want us to know they can!

Take some time to have a conversation with a Grade 3 student. They might have a thing or two to teach you about some of the truly important things in the world. I walked away feeling very fortunate.

Peace & Happiness