Monday Morning Musings

My 1st collection of poetry titled “Dark Road” is now available on Amazon and through other online distributors.

Poetry has offered me solace, momentary respite, wondrous delight, stars in my darkness and a passion for the rhythms and moods of words.  Afternoons dreaming at Walden’s Pond, adrift with The Lady of Shalott to Camelot, odes on Grecian urns and tenement walls, Will’s sonnets, whimsical Seuss & Carrol’s Jabberwocky, Eliot’s felines and Sylvia’s sorrows were my beloved companions.

Coil notebooks filled with scribbled lines of teenage angst, foolish love, and two a.m. doubts in faded blue ink.  Words an avenue to acknowledge myself and my feelings when most often I felt invisible. Poetry helped this too world wise child find her voice. It has continued to be a means to have my say even when no one is listening or seems to care. I still have my perspective albeit right, misguided or somewhere in between.

Perhaps there are others in the world who seek a moment to pause and muse over a few lines before the demands of the world force them back into the crashing waves of life.

Monday Morning Musings kicks off on June 3. I will post a poem from “Dark Road” weekly over the next few months. Here’s to detours, being lost, discoveries and trusting your own voice wherever the journey and the pen leads.










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