Realism 101

Friends often describe me as a cock-eyed optimist….a believer that there are still happy ever afters and super heroes and that everything works out well in the end. Sometimes I am disappointed, but most times I continue to clutch on to this belief in part because I don’t like the alternative.

Sometimes even an optimist needs to be a realist. So today dear friends, fans and supporters I am going to be realistic. The Remembering Wall is now at the printer’s and in need of a few final tweaks. Before I order masses of books it is recommended in BIG BOLD print that i order a proof of the book. Alas this does not mean reviewing an email proof, but a real hands on copy proof to ensure the vibrancy of colors, appropriate spacing of text, proper page order, no typos and that The Remembering Wall looks like the book i dreamed it could be.

The holiday season is fast approaching and based on printing and delivery dates I cannot get books to everyone before Christmas, even with Santa’s help. So I ask for a bit more patience and that you all rest assured your book or books will arrive after January 15. For those of you who want an in school reading those will also be scheduled into late January & February.

If you absolutely need a book by Christmas I will order a handful of proof copies. However there may be some slight imperfections, a punctuation glitch, color bleeds,or the book could by all appearances be perfect and you’ll get yours ahead of everyone else. In most things I am willing to take a chance if it just affects me. In this instance I am not willing to take the risk when each of you showed me that you believed in this project before it was even fully realized and invested in another one of my dreams.

What am I learning from all this …….good things take time; the more people involved in a process the longer it may take; I am a fuss budget and some of the delays are a direct result of my extraordinary pickiness (who knew); all the hurdles only make me want to keep writing………

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I so look forward to sharing The Remembering Wall with everyone.

Peace & Happiness


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