Coloring 101

Those of you who know me well know that I like to color outside the lines.  Rules are meant to be adapted and a no can surely turn into a maybe.

These are important lessons for an indie author. You need to convince others that another one of your harebrained schemes has potential and it is worth supporting. So dearest friends, fans and followers I ask you to support this project any way you can. Cash is nice, but I am happy if you simply spread the word. Tell a teacher, a librarian, a bookstore owner or your book club friends.  Help turn The Remembering Wall into a real book. ….how do you think Pinocchio became a real boy ….. Someone believed in him and helped him become so much more.

All we need to do is have 168 people purchase 1 book  each to realize our goal.  There is a line in The Remembering Wall that says, “Let’s see what we can do.”

Here is the Kickstarter link:

19 days and counting….fingers crossed applesauce.


PS: Thx to my wonderful illustrator Kia Valdez Bettcher


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