And We’re Off

The Thanksgiving weekend was spent looking at the galleys for “Under My Bed”. I was looking for typos, looking at the layout, looking at the design, and looking at all the bits and pieces that make up a book for hours on end. I  discovered that I can be quite finicky. And argumentative when I feel strongly about how something should look. Do you know that there is a rule in the book industry that page 1 shall always be on the right. I  confess I think rules are often meant to be modified so Author House and I agreed that page 1 of “Under My Bed” is on the left. In order to prevent the overseers of page numbering from finding out we opted to not put page numbers so they don’t need to know we broke the rules. And finally last night I knew I could do no more except to say, “It’s done or as done as I can make it”. And with a click of a button this story I’ve loved is now making its way to the printers where they will put all the pieces together. And I won’t quite believe this is real until I am holding an actual copy of the book in my hands and turning the pages and rediscovering what’s “Under My Bed”.

Tonight I am grateful for this journey, for your support, for Dr Seuss & Uncle Llew, and for maintaining my childish wonder in a cynical world despite the odds.


One thought on “And We’re Off

  1. Great blog, Laura! Glad you stuck to your wish to have the first page on the left side. Love your commitment to doing things your way – often outside the box others try to squish us into.
    xo Elaine


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